Campaign Chair

Thomas Quade

Assistant Chair

Lt. Bee Jay Gruber


Diane Watson

Nicole Workman

Nick Vanmeter


Neeta Shuff

Linda Shepard

Lu Chivington

Steve McDonald

Small Business

Charlie Long

Clubs/Special Solicitation

Amber Wertman

Public Service

Becky Worley

Tanya Hartings


Pam Workman

Dr. Janchar

Dr. Fitkin

Dr. Robert Finney

Carlos Crawford

Pastor Cory Rogers

Steve Williams


Kurt Moore

Terry Conley

Mike Ring

Marion County & City Residential

Diane Glassmeyer

Pillars Club

Gary Iams

Investment Team Volunteers

2016 Campaign Volunteers


Delivery of campaign materials to individual workplaces is a critically important task. This is considered a front-line effort to provide a personal touch. All materials and small workplace envelopes are delivered to all small and mid-size companies by community volunteers.

United Way will provide training and materials for delivery in an assigned area or specific group of companies. The expectation is that ALL campaign materials will be in the hands of workplaces by our annual Community Campaign Kickoff.


  • Organize and deliver investment materials
  • Build relationships within our community
  • Assist with events
  • Advocate
  • Help to achieve the goal

LIVE UNITED for Marion County!

For more information visit the United Way Volunteer Resource Center Website.